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New  Socials Website:
Visit a new socials and related events website that’s designed exclusively for Manitoba. It’s located at

What it offers:

1. A Calendar of Social Events. Search for Socials. Submit Your Event. (FREE).
2. Upload an image/picture for your event. (FREE)
3. Post a website URL address for your event. (FREE)
4. Information about Socials and related events, and
5. Links to related information and videos of interest.

6. and Much More....
Search for Socials, Benefit Dances and Theme Parties near you. Submit your Event. It's Free to use. Why list on our site? Our Events are neatly organized into a Calendar of Scheduled Socials so you are never confused. Our Events are also presented in a List of Scheduled Socials so you never look at an event that is expired.
Make your event a success – post your social in today!

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